Our Minecraft Server site. Here you can find everything important about the server.

Minecraft Server

We have a Minecraft Server! You can connect to the server with the following IP:

Although you can connect with every Version from 1.7.x to 1.14.x it is recommended to use 1.12.2 to get the best experience

We have a 1.15 server coming up so stay tuned!


Server Spawn

Get to know the server at the Spawn. You can also pick up your daily presents here!


Custom Items

Lots of custom items integrated into the game. 


6 Custom Freebuild worlds

Play on some really nice looking customly generated maps.


Plot World

Get your own plot to built on! Turn the plotworld into a big city!


Economy System

Buy from the Admin shop or make your own and sell to other players.



Play PvP either in the free PvP world or Bedwars!

Look below for some more screenshots!

Special Server Info

The Server requires users to register with a passwort. Admins can see these passwords but will only do so if required (e.g. You forgot your password). if you are still unsure about the registration, simply do not use the same or a similar password which you always use

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