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Bronymons is a small community dedicated to all kinds of things.


Here you can find a list of the rules of the different server. Please make sure to follow them at all times.

Discord Rules

  1. ACCEPTANCE - Please treat everyone the way they want to be treated (with respect).
  2. NSFW - If you post NSFW content in any of the channels that are not marked for NSFW content you will be punished with a 24-hour kick. NSFW stuff is only allowed in the #🔞nsfw🔞 channel To obtain the NSFW role go to #║self-roles 
  3. INSULTS - If you insult someone on purpose you will be muted for 12 hours. 
  4. SPAM - If you spam you will be muted for 1 hour. 
  5. ADVERTISEMENTS - Posting invite links to other servers without permission will not be tolerated. If you want to invite others to your sever ask Noemi first. (Does not include links to your Streams, YouTube Channels etc., you can post these in #gaming ) 
  6. EMBEDS SELFBOTS - Selfbots are not allowed here. 
  7. ACTIVITY - If you stay inactive for too long you can be kicked. 
  8. SMURFS - If you are cought with a smurf (2nd account) you will be kicked with all your accounts. 
  9. NEW USERS - When you join the server your posts are restricted (No posting links, no swearing etc.). Once you reach level 5 you will be given the trusted role. If you are nice you may get it sooner. 

Minecraft Rules

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be ethical
  3. Use common sense
  4. Do not needlessly bother staff
  5. No mods like Xray (Optifine is allowed)
  6. Do not Cheat/Hack
  7. Do not spam
  8. Do not insult others

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